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We had a B-B-Q at the picnic area at the Shanghai Centre.  That's where Alex and Lucinda live.  I don't know what we'll do when they leave to go back home.  Where will we have these B-B-Q's next?


Ummm...The shrimp kabobs were a really big hit! We also had burgers, steak, beer, and chicken breasts.

Aroung 5:30 in the afternoon. Still getting ready.

We served about 25 people food and drinks for under $100 USD.

Folks at the B-B-Q

Dan Eynon and Alex.

Dan and Alex again

Ummm...Shrimp on the barbie. We even had fresh squeezed Margaritas.

Amy and others at the party.

Me eating my first steak in Shanghai! It was worth the wait. They killed the cow in the grocery store right before we bought the meat.

Chris and his girlfriend, Vickie and Dan. Chris is in the Marines and guards the US consulate. Thanks Chris for loaning us the grill!

Vickie and Alex and the party.

Dan and Allie.

More of the folks at the B-B-Q.

And still more....

After the eating was done we came back up to Lucy and Alex's place.

Alex has had a few too many Texas Margaritas--Thanks to Iron Cactus for the recipe!

Maylee---The Hawaiian bartender and also Allie's roommate. We'll miss that girl!

Lucinda--She's from Ohio


Still more back at the apartment after the party.

Allie and Lucy.

Alex is quite mad at something.

Allie---Yup the push up braws in Shanghai are tough to find.

Allie, Lucy, and Alex

Allie and Lucy.

Alex and Lucy

Lucinda after the party. She's looking a little intoxicated also!

My back---I never get allergic ractions but look at the red splotches. I think it's from the seafood!

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