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These are pictures from my trip to Thailand that almost made me quit my job.  I calculated I could live well on the beach for about $7000USD per year.  I visited Bangkok with Abi and Brian and then they went to Ko Samui and I went to Phuket.  I spent only a couple of days in Phuket.  It was very much a tourist trap.  I spent the remainder of my vacation, and even extended it a few days, in Ko Pee Pee.  An amazing little island (you could walk 30 minutes and cross the island) just east of Phuket about two hours by speed boat.

This whole trip was really amazing.  I was really relaxed and very moved by the surrealism of it all.  Here's my try at being artistic...


Endlessly, constantly rolling, turning

white crests

up and down

rocking, rising, falling

influenced by the moon.

What great power they have.

They are truly beautiful and they hide such wonderful treasures beneath.


The French, guarding the Thai's from the Cambodians

Brian and Abi

On the plane to Bangkok, starting the vacation off right!

What a great couple!

A view from the resort I stayed at the first night. This was really too plush! I neede to rough it more!

A street in Phuket

There were seafood places like this everywhere!

Thai Boxing. I didn't participate but was asked to a few times. LoL

This one speaks for itself...

More of that resort I stayed at for a day or two.

The beach in Phuket

For a couple of dollars you could rent a chair and an umbrella all day. People would come by with stuff for sale so you really never had to leave.

On the boat to Pee Pee. I took a spot on the top and relaxed and soaked in the sun.

Pee Pee Ley

This is the Island where I stayed for 8 glorious days!

Walking down the streets in Pee Pee

One of the beaches

This was 10 feet from my hut!

More fresh seafood. The food was really amazing and wonderful!

One of the guys I met on the way. He owns a couple of restaurants up in Virginia.

This is probably one of my favorite photo's. I usew this one as my backdrop for my computer.

Amazing green/blue water.

These are photo's from the day sailing cruze I went on. It was awesome

We sailed over to this island, Pee Pee Lay, where we anchored and swam, and hung out all day.

A great day! I met a load of awesoem peopel this day!

Owen. A great guy!

Joe going for a dive

Luke and Owen hanging out on the boat.

Leonardo DiCaprio's 'The Beach'

Owen and Luke

This is a really great shot! Lots of totally cool people!

One of the girls that worked at the bar that sponsored the boat cruze! Hopefully she'll come to visit in Texas some day!

Joe thought he could wrestle a jelly fish....He lost!

Joe, I'm coming to visit in Valdez someday!

Luke, Joe, and Blaine.

Luke chilling out!

Just another really beautiful shot of the ocean.

Blaine from Canada! Long live the memories of The Irish Bar.

Joe and Owen

Great shot of Blaine, Owen, and Joe!

Blaine and Luke

Hot girls like this were everywhere!!!!!

Yup...That's me on my beach! I oculd have lived there for ever!

Some kind of shark!

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