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My Photo Gallery

About a block from the apartment headed to Yu Yuan.

I think they are making peanut butter.....

Jars of tea, rice, and flower.  Fish.  Fruits.  Vegetables. ---Supermarket!

The best depiction of life in the streets of Old Shanghai. The crowds, the taxies, the mopeds!

That one there!  That's dinner.



More ducks!

Making tortillas

Making tortillas.....not really but similar...These are made of rice flower and are more similar to crapes

Not sure what that one is.....

This get's interesting. Vickie is buying some wodden instraments....A rolling pin and a hammer I think!

And more people show up...

And now more people

Pretty can't even see Vickie. This happens every time we as foreigners bargin on the street!

Finally she made her purchase.

Are we in Louisiana or Shanghai?

These are fish!!!


I tried to get the cat in this one but that's the one that got away.

I wanted to take this better but they wouldn't allow me to. These are Chinese monks walking along like you see in movies. Pretty amazing!

Xintiandi---A newley remodeled, downtown, bar and restaurant area.

Xintiandi--More of the 6th street like part of Shanghai. About 10 minutes walk from my home.

Xintiandi--Prices here are close to what they are in the states. Outrageous for Shanghai!



Looking back across the park towards my apartments from Xintiandi

Another view of the park at Xintiandi

A flower market near my home. My Ayi buys fresh flowers for em every few days.

More views of one of the many flower markets.

More flowers

The Pudong (east) side of the Bund.

Looking acroos the Bund to the east you see many differnet styles of architecture

Boats on the Huangpu river--These are the same type of boat. One is empty, the other is full.

More shots across the Huangpu river. Looking west.

Yu Yuan Gardens and Market

The tea houses in Yu Yuan gardens

More of Yu Yuan gardens

The bridge of 9 corners in Yu Yuan gardens. It has nine corners because spirits don't like to turn corners. None shall pass!

Hard Rock Cafe - Shangahi Centre

My Street! Don't think you can tell a cab driver this street and they will have any clue where it is, even if they could understand your English!

Someplace in China!

Vickie near the bridge of 9 corners.

Coy in a park near my house

Coy in a park near my house

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