Christmas in Shanghai 2002


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4th of July 2003
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Christmas in Shanghai 2002
Christmas in Shanghai 2003
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I've never had a tree before.  This year I decided to go all out.  Something to remind me of home.  My ornaments on the tree all represent things I associate with Christmas.  Well, except for the red star.  That one's for China!

Video of my apartment.


My Tree!

Another shot of the tree

The poinsettas.

A gingerbread house.

Mini chimenys for santa to come in by.

MY dining table

A wreath I made.

One of my favorites! A Christmas gnome.

To symbolize religous beliefs

To remember th real candy caines I have put on so many christmas trees in the past.

To symbolize China!

I think this is my favorite!

To remind me of snow. I know I've seen it on Christmas once or twice.

Star of Bethlehem

There's always an angle at the top.

A new table. I've been looking at this table for six months and I finally bought it. It was only $15USD! Why'd I wait so long?

This is a really cool stocking. suede leather and rabbit fur and silk.

Just a cool plant I bought.

Susan and Muna

Alex and Nicole

The Bird!

A vase! Another gift from friends.

Chinese Chess Set - A great gift from friends

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